Apartments and Rooms

style and design in harmony with nature

The cozy and refined rooms will give you an exclusive stay.

All rooms are accessorized with everything you need, each apartment is characterized by warm fittings in antique wood, with references to local craftmanship and tradition. The ceilings and floors in larch wood entirely hand-crafted, alongside the stone claddings, give to the environment a unique charm.

The unique architecture of our apartments , the essential style and custom-made furnishings, combine an authentic atmosphere with modern comforts.

Living rooms, with fully equipped kitchens, are spacious and bright and fitted with comfortable sofas and dining tables.

In each room you will find comfortable beds, soft pillows and warm duvet, with linens.

All bathrooms have floor and wall clad with beautiful local stone, heated towel rail, crystal shower cabin, linens, hairdryer and courtesy set.

Each apartment has independent heating system with temperature control, a tablet for guests (no TV), a small library and board games to enjoy leisure time.

Foresteria Spluga thanks the photographer Meme Sinoni for capturing these new spaces

2022-08-07 foresteria-1452022-08-07 foresteria-145
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2022-08-07 foresteria-92022-08-07 foresteria-9
2022-08-07 foresteria-62022-08-07 foresteria-6
2022-08-07 foresteria-12022-08-07 foresteria-1


28 sqm for 2 people

Cozy and intimate one-room-apartment located on the ground floor, with large bathroom, double bed, equipped with breakfast area, coffee maker  with selection of coffee pods and kettle.

Everything you need right at your fingertips.

from 100,00 €/night


2022-08-07 foresteria-1362022-08-07 foresteria-136
2022-08-07 foresteria-1272022-08-07 foresteria-127
2022-08-07 foresteria-582022-08-07 foresteria-58
2022-08-07 foresteria-562022-08-07 foresteria-56
2022-08-07 foresteria-522022-08-07 foresteria-52
2022-08-07 foresteria-472022-08-07 foresteria-47
2022-08-07 foresteria-432022-08-07 foresteria-43
2022-08-07 foresteria-402022-08-07 foresteria-40
2022-08-07 foresteria-392022-08-07 foresteria-39
2022-08-07 foresteria-362022-08-07 foresteria-36


35 sqm for 3 people

Cozy two-room apartment located on the first floor, with room fitted with a comfortable double bed and a s ingle bed, large bathroom with window and small terrace.

Fully accessorized kitchen with induction cooktop, microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, coffee maker, kettle and table linen. In the living room you will also find a comfortable sofa on which you can read or rest, an antique dining table and various furnishing.

from 120 €/night


2022-08-07 foresteria-1412022-08-07 foresteria-141
2022-08-07 foresteria-1112022-08-07 foresteria-111
2022-08-07 foresteria-1072022-08-07 foresteria-107
2022-08-07 foresteria-1002022-08-07 foresteria-100
2022-08-07 foresteria-982022-08-07 foresteria-98
2022-08-07 foresteria-942022-08-07 foresteria-94
2022-08-07 foresteria-912022-08-07 foresteria-91
2022-08-07 foresteria-882022-08-07 foresteria-88


35 sqm for 4 people

Warm and functional two-room- apartment located on the first floor, with bedroom fitted with comfortable double bed and bunk bed, large bathroom with window.

Fully equipped kitchen with induction cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, coffee maker and kettle. You will also find a comfortable sofa on which you can read or rest, a dining table and various furnishings.

Your family’s destination!

from 140,00 €/night

2022-08-07 foresteria-1302022-08-07 foresteria-130
2022-08-07 foresteria-852022-08-07 foresteria-85
2022-08-07 foresteria-822022-08-07 foresteria-82
2022-08-07 foresteria-792022-08-07 foresteria-79
2022-08-07 foresteria-762022-08-07 foresteria-76
2022-08-07 foresteria-752022-08-07 foresteria-75
2022-08-07 foresteria-702022-08-07 foresteria-70
2022-08-07 foresteria-672022-08-07 foresteria-67
2022-08-07 foresteria-662022-08-07 foresteria-66
2022-08-07 foresteria-632022-08-07 foresteria-63


20 sqm for 2 people

An intimate attic room, a romantic nest to spend your holiday as a couple!

The larch wood ceiling will ensure a seductive rest in a warm and charming environment. Apartment  with large bathroom with window, breakfast area, coffee maker with selection of coffee pods and kettle.

The handcrafted furniture makes the room unique.

from 100,00 €/night


2022-08-07 foresteria-133(1)2022-08-07 foresteria-133(1)
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50 sqm for 5 people

Bright attic apartment, ideal for you and your family, comfortable and relaxing spaces for a sense of well-being.

Large living room with fully equipped kitchen, with induction cooktop, microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, coffee maker and kettle. The apartment has two bedrooms, one with a double bed, the other with charming beds for your children.

Spacious bathroom with window.

from 160.00 €/night